<![CDATA[Elder Benson Horne<br />Spain Málaga Mission - Blog]]>Fri, 18 Dec 2015 07:23:38 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[December 1st]]>Tue, 01 Dec 2015 18:29:50 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/december-1st1​Hey so I didn't get enough time to send this yesterday so I am sending
it today :). Yesterday we went to Sevilla for pday and it was super
fun! We went to this place called Plaza de España which is where they
filmed parts of the Star Wars movies. It's really pretty]]>
<![CDATA[November 23rd]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 18:36:24 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/november-23rd1​Hello everyone. Soooo I don't have a lot to write about this week.
It's thanksgiving but it really doesn't feel like it because they
don't celebrate it here and it's pretty hot. But that's okay. Today we
went to Sevilla and I got to see my old companion Elder Blasi which
was super awesome because I love him and we got along so well. We
played American football and then went to Costco :) and me and Elder
Morgen (him and his comp live 5 doors down and we get along really
well) split the money and bought a Costco membership and I bought
<![CDATA[November 16th]]>Mon, 16 Nov 2015 18:37:53 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/november-16thOkay. Lots of stuff went down this week. So I moved. After saying
goodbye to A LOT of people I moved. It was really sad but I was
excited for the change and ready. I left the beautiful but isolated
city of Puertollano to move to the not beautiful and a little less
isolated city of Dos Hermanas. But I'm in a ward!! There was so many
members it was crazy! Also we have other Elders who live just 5 houses
down from us which is new for me. Weird. But I like it haha
communication! The members here are so great :) so loving. When I got
here there was nobody to teach. I mean nobody! They had a baptism the
day before I got here which was cool but not a soul to pass by so we
went threw the whole area book and wrote down every name in the whole
thing and wrote them in on the map and we are trying to visit them
all. So that's our plan and it's going good so far.

Also a really cool experience with the girl in the picture below is
that she got her appendix taken out and a few days before our visit
and she was in a lot of pain so when she came to visit us she seamed
like she was in so much pain and she needed help standing up and it
hurt for her to walk and you could just tell she wasn't doing good. So
we asked to give her a priesthood blessing and she said she would like
that so we gave he one and it was really amazing and the spirit was
really strong. Then the next day they stop by the church and she looks
perfectly fine and her mom said she woke up this morning without any
pain! She could go to school and she could walk and do everything fine
like nothing happened! It was a miracle. The priesthood power is real.
It's the power and authority of God to act in his name and it is an
amazing blessing to be able to have it and use it for the benefit of
others :)

Here are some goodbye pictures of people I know.]]>
<![CDATA[November 9th]]>Mon, 09 Nov 2015 18:40:42 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/november-9thHello. Great week. I'm not sick anymore so that's great and we got the
for sure call that I'm leaving to Dos Hermanas which is 15 miles south
of Sevilla which is the biggest city in our mission. I'm really
excited to go. It will be warm!! Also it's a ward instead of the
smallest branch in Spain. It will be a big change. I'm sad to leave
these people but ready to go and start fresh. It's always great to
change on the mission because it is a fresh start. But this week was
pretty normal. Lots of goodbyes. We went to Málaga again and I said
goodbye to Elder Fisher (my trainer) for the last time because he is
going home in a month. We got a three generation picture haha also we
went to a castle in Málaga that was so beautiful. Sorry I don't have a
lot to say today.

Just a quick little experience is we were knocking doors and one lady
opened and we were explaining ourselves and after the lady said that
she would love to hear our message. It really surprised me because
people always just say no and shut the door before we even get the
first word out but this lady was great. I'm excited to pass by a
different time and see what's up with her. Some of my favorite moments
are when you are just getting rejected all night long but then there
is that one special contact or that one seed that you were able to
plant that makes it all worth it :) I love being a missionary. All we
do is plant plant seeds no matter what. 🌱🌱🌱🌱
Love you all have a great week!!]]>
<![CDATA[November 2nd]]>Mon, 02 Nov 2015 18:41:38 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/november-2ndHello people of America. Well this week was a reck. The start of it
was recovering from Elder Smithsons concussion then right after he
could start working he got really sick with a cold and we couldn't
work and then right as he was getting better I got sick.. And that's
were we are now. So that fun. On the bright side I hit my record of
least amount of lessons taught in one week! We taught two lessons
haha. But that's okay because this next week we know for sure that we
will see improvement :) so we had a lot  of boring time at home. We
have also now seen every church video ever made.

Is week we also had District Meeting which is Stake Conference for the
little branches out here. There are 4 branches out here in La Mancha
and I had never seen so many members in the church before haha but
there's our branch of about 4 then two others of about 20 and one of
30 but everyone wasn't there because to get to the "stake center" is
about a little more then an hour from each branch so a lot of people
didn't go but it was a really good meeting. The mission president
(President Anderson) is technically the stake president so he came and
it was really good. Also the day before the conference we are sitting
at home sick and one of the APs calls us and tells us that he is at
the train station in our town and we had to come pick him up haha
without warning so it's a good thing we had just cleaned the
apartment. So we had to take car of the APs in our apartment for 2
days haha we also had to drag ourself a out of our sick beds to work
(which made me worse but that's okay) and then we went to the meeting
which was a pain being sick but the speakers were amazing so it was
worth it.

A bright side of having the APs stay with you right before transfers
is that I was able to talk them into telling me where I was going haha
it took a lot of convincing, food and back massages but it was worth
it. First the sad thing is that I'm leaving..:( I love the people here
so much. Even if it's not the easiest area it is so great and have
grown so close to everyone here so I'm so sad to leave.. But my next
area is warm!!! I have been freezing my butt off here in the coldest
part of the mish but now I'm heading to the hottest area of Europe! :)
so excited to spend my winter in warmth. But anyway my next city is
Dos Hermanas. It's a town off of Sevilla where I have been twice
before. Once for the whole mission iPad conference and the other time
was our Costco trip layover. So I'm pretty excited. And my new
companion is named Elder Garff and he is from Utah. It's funny because
he came in with Elder Smithson and they are in the same group so I
have met him before when I picked up Elder Smithson and I will be his
second companion. So I leave in 10 days so if you want to send me one
last letter to this address do it today or tomorrow so it will get
here before it leave! Bellow it a picture of our district of La
<![CDATA[October 26th]]>Mon, 26 Oct 2015 17:42:41 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/october-26thHello everyone! This week was a really weird interesting but great
week. Well first my comp almost died. He was doing pull ups and the
bar broke and he fell and hit his head REALLY hard on the door frame.
When he got up after a few minuets he was unbalanced and not himself.
He has gotten a really bad concussion in the past so we were worried
about him. We called the mission medical person and she said that it
could be serious and that he needs to stay home this afternoon and see
if his headache went away. So we had a party in the piso all night.
Not really but he wasn't supposed to sleep and he had a really bad
head ache so he just laid in bed and we played a few games and talked
and just relaxed. It was really weird not doing missionary work and I
think that was the longest I had ever been at home on my mission haha
I didn't like it. The next day his headache was still there so we went
to the hospital and it was weird because it was all in Spanish (which
makes sense because we are in Spain) but we got all the way there and
he got an X-ray and everything and we were there for 3 hours haha but
it turns out he has a concussion so they gave him some pain pills and
said to take it easy so we spent a lot of time just hanging out at
home this week. The time went by so slow...

This week we met with this dude who just went off about the church and
was pretty anti Mormon sooo.. But after that we ran into the golden
Francis who is from Nigeria. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is
in Alma!! So awesome and he is loving it :) he is so good at reading
he remembers every little thing that happened in the reading and
applies it in our lessons when we are teaching him! It's so cool :)
it's amazing going from someone who just bashes on the Book of Mormon
to someone who is developing this deep love like we have for it. It
really makes you open your eyes to the fact that God brings you down
and throws you trials and people that make you question your testimony
just so he can bring you back up and takes your weakened testimony and
uses it to make itself stronger by having an amazing experiences like
the one we had this week with Francis. The thing is normally we don't
see it this way because the two events might be far apart or my not be
very related but this experience really opened my eyes to that because
these two events were 30 minutes from each other. We had one lesson
with an anti who read half the Book of Mormon looking for things wrong
and writing them all down on paper and showing us all these faults he
thinks he has found in this book just trying to reck our testimony and
ruin our spirits. But then because God loves us and what's us to learn
and progress 30 minutes later we run into Francis who just lifts our
spirits and just makes us so happy seeing his growing testimony of the
truthfulness of this book. It's just amazing to see God work in this
way because we appreciated and were so much more great full for
Francis and the blessing he is for us because of what we had dealt
with earlier that day and we can apply this to life in general! God
gives us bad and trials so we will appreciate the good we have been
given it's just hard to see. But really if we open our eyes it is
everywhere. The lesson was really great that we had with him.

Another lesson I learned with that experience is that we are going to
get out of things what we expect. The first guys starts reading the
Book of Mormon with the intention of finding what's wrong with it.
Going along and writing down things he doesn't like or things he think
are contradictory. Basically he looked for the bad and what does he
find? What he was looking for (what he thinks is bad anyway). But
Francis went in with an open heart looking for the good in the book
and what did he find? A whoooooooole lot of good and now he is filled
with this joy and this holy spirit that we always talk about. And his
testimony starts with that and has been growing exponentially as he
continues to search and ponder on these holy scriptures. It's amazing
and we can apply that to anything. If we go in to something with a bad
attitude expecting the worst then that's what we are going to get but
if we go in with a good attitude looking for the best then that's what
we will find and we will be so much happier because of it.

We had two amazing lesson with Luise our obedience miracle. She is
super awesome and super prepared. We taught her the plan of salvation
and she was really liking it. And we talked so much about Jesus Christ
and his atonement for us and the spirit was so strong. But she is just
so amazing. She said she really liked one of the talks on Sunday about
honesty and that she was really trying to apply it to herself this
week. This blew me away. He first time attending church and she was
already applying the talks to herself. The active members don't even
do that! We asked her about the spirit and she said she felt it so
strong last lesson and she always feels it when she talks to us and
when she reads the Book of Mormon. She knows this church is true and
she knows the Book of Mormon is true. And she wants to be baptized. I
just don't know how much more prepared and perfect you can get. She's
a miracle. And we were put in her path to help her bring herself back
to Christ. I love missionary work.

We have seen some amazing sunsets too this week :) I love the sunsets
of Spain. There amazing. Also the picture is me with the Russian woman
Alina who is from that branch in Saratov and knew the missionaries who
got kidnapped personally so cool! I love being a missionary and I know
this church is true :) also I'm really sad to say it but transfers are
coming up... And unfortunately it's my turn to go.. Sooooo send me
letters now before I change addresses also if you send me a personal
email I will respond. I have my iPad again so I'm not dead :)]]>
<![CDATA[October 19th]]>Mon, 19 Oct 2015 17:43:43 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/october-19thLong week. But good week. Last Monday we went and played a game called
Paddle Ball that we super fun and I loved it so much :) it was like
tennis but you could play of the walls. It was so fun :) It was super
fun then as we were walking back to the train station to go home it
started pouring down rain and so we sprinted so the station and by the
time we got there we were soaking wet. When we got there we saw that
Elder Smithsons peanut butter burst open in his bag and got all over
his iPad. It was really funny but I was trying so hard not to laugh
because there was a think layer of peanut butter surrounding his iPad.
He was almost crying because he is so obsessed with it. But it didn't
break so it worked out and he got it all cleaned up and it works now.
I thought it was karma because he always made fun of me for not having
an iPad.

Another weird experience was that we were at the bus station waiting
to go home after district meeting and as we were waiting this drunk
Brazilian lady started talking to us asking us all of these questions
about our life's and then in the end she invited us to come to her
house but I think she wanted a little more then the gospel so we
turned the offer down. It was awkward. She would stop flirting with

Also I got really sick this week for a couple days and slept for 18
hours straight! Crazy.

Alina the member from Russia who has been going threw a hard time
because her husband is not a member and is anti-mormon so it's really
hard for her so we gave her a blessing of comfort to help her in this
hard time the spirit was so strong in the blessing it was amazing. It
so cool that her native language is Russian and ours English but we
are speaking Spanish to each other and the gospel is STILL the same
and the spirit is STILL there. So great.

Sunday was an amazing day! The British lady that we found with our
obedience story randomly came to church today! It was miraculous! Then
after we had a great lesson with her and Belin (one of the only
members) came! Belin served her mission in England so it was so
perfect. They hit it off so well and Luise (the lady) teaches English
here and so does Belin so they were able to talk about that and
England and it was so great. Luise is here alone and we came to find
out during the lesson that she has been really lonely here and doesn't
have a lot of friends and so it was so great for her to meet Belin
because they are perfect for each other. Plus Belin needs some friends
too so it's a win win plus another win for bring the gospel to Luise.
After church we were able to have a lesson about the restoration and
it was amazing. She had been to church in before because from when she
was 6 to 11 her family actively went to church but never talked to the
missionaries or were baptized. She has also read a bunch of the Book
of Mormon. It was such a great lesson. It went like this. Luise do you
believe we need a prophet? Yes. Do you believe Joseph Smith was a
prophet called by God? Yes. Do you believe the Book of Mormon the be
the word of God? Yes. Do you believe Joseph Smith restored Gods
authority and that we have it today? Yes. With you be baptized by
someone who holds this authority? Yes. 😭 it was just a miracle to
find someone so prepared. Gods real! She needs the gospel so bad in
her life right now. In the closing prayer she asked God to help and to
bless her in her life right now because she is really lonely and going
threw a hard time. She also thanked God for sending such amazing
people to help her. I have never had someone do that for me I just
felt Gods love so strongly in that moment it was remarkable. It was

Then Sunday afternoon we started working and then we were walking
threw gypsyville and we walked past some people smoking weed and all
of the sudden Elder Smithson couldn't breath and then got really light
headed and almost pasted out so we had to go to a bench and sat there
for 20 mins because he couldn't stand up at all and got a really bad
headache so we had to come back to piso so he could recover and take
some pills. But he is alive now but it was really scary.

I love all you guys and I love all of your emails and letters and
appreciate all of them! Please send more they really help me and I
love them :)]]>
<![CDATA[October 12th]]>Mon, 12 Oct 2015 17:44:55 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/october-12thHello everyone! This week was super amazing! And super busy. Friday we had to go down to Málaga again for a zone meeting but the trains were super busy and there wasn't a train that we could take and so they had to send us two hours to Sevilla and then two hour to Málaga (this is a bullet train by the way there both 4 hour car rides haha) but we also had a 4 hour layover in Sevilla and Sevilla is the only city in all of Spain with a Costco and so I wasn't complaining haha. First we called Elder Blasi (my last comp who went to Sevilla)(also random fact I found out is that the Spain Málaga mission is the biggest geographical mission in all of European so that's pretty cool) to tell him to hook us up with a Costco card haha so we were able to go to Costco!! The trip was really a mess because we had to take busses there then we got on the wrong one and I left our phone on the train but we got it back but anyway we made it there and back safely. It was also nice because my companion is rich and so he bought a tonnnn of stuff :) I have had rich comps my whole mission haha it's pretty funny. So we got to buy some American stuff!!! Peanut butter, pancake mix, Costco muffins, pop tarts, Ghirardelli browny mix, Costco hotdog and the very berry sundae!! So good so we have just been living it up American stile over

This week we found a really cool black man from Nigeria. His name is Francis and he is really smart and is always reading and studying in the park. We have talked to him before but he has never been interested so we just always say hi to him and talk a little but this week when we went up to talk to him and Elder Smithson was holding a Book of Mormon and he ask him what it was because he loves reading and we started explaining it and he kept asking more and more questions and we ended up talking to him for an hour about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the Restoration and it was really great. We taught him in English which was weird but I really liked teach in English too. He loved the book and he was blown away by the story and
his eyes kept getting really wide when we were explaining it haha. So we gave him and invited him to read it. Two days later we found him in the park again siting on a bench reading so we went up to him to talk and as we got closer we noticed he was reading the Book of Mormon so we got really excited. We when up and started talking to him and he was already halfway threw 2 Nephi!! It was super crazy! We talked about it and he said that he loved reading it and that it was super interesting. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to be able to talk to him again and see how he is doing.

We also had an obedience miracle. Friday after the zone conference our train left at 8 and we got back at 10 and when we got back we were wiped out from two days of traveling from trains to busses we were all
over Spain but anyway by the time we got home and set everything down it was 10:05 and working time ends at 10:15 so we would only be working for 10 minutes but we were so tired that we didn't want to and
it wouldn't be that big of a deal because it was only ten minutes but to be obedient we went out any way and as we walk down our street this lady stops us and starts talking to us. She is from England so this is also in English but she has lived here for two years teaching English and has seen us a few times but has always been scared to talk to us but she had talked to missionaries before back home and has read the whole Book of Mormon and loved it but then she moved here and lost contact with them. But she has been to church several times and really liked it. It was just such a blessing to find her and really built my testimony about obedience because if we would have just stayed home for those last ten minutes we never would have found her and I hope that we will be able to meet with her sometime soon. Obedience brings blessing!

We have also been teach this guy named Antonio for quite some time now  and it has been hard for him because he is reading the Book of Mormon and praying and coming to church but he just hasn't quite got his
baptism answer yet. And general conference was this last weekend (which was super great by the way) and so we invited him to write down a few questions he has and to watch them. I didn't think he would watch them all because there are 10 hours but he came to church this Sunday and said he has watched half of them and is excited to watch the other half! It was an amazing experience because he really loves the general conference and is learning so much from the talks. So cool. We are just praying that he finds answers to his questions.

Also something crazy was that President Anderson came to Puertollano to work with us! It was crazy because we are a district of branches he is the "stake president" and so he came up and went out with our branch president and visited our less actives and it was really cool.  We had a lesson with him with a less active named Ruth that was really amazing. She was kinda bitter about the church but she ended up coming
to church this Sunday for the first time in years!!! It was so amazing. She was so happy there to :)

There was so much that happened these past 4 weeks I can't tell all of it and I'm sorry! But I just still love being a missionary so much!! It is the greatest job out there! I hope everyone has a great week and the church is true!]]>
<![CDATA[October 9th]]>Fri, 09 Oct 2015 17:45:46 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/october-9th​Hello everyone!! Sorry I have been dead for three weeks now. I downloaded the new iOS on my iPad and it rocked it.. So I haven't had an iPad for 3 weeks and haven't been able to emailed but I am alive
and I am doing good :) I love all of you guys and I will be emailing from now on haha. These past three weeks have been amazing super amazing! So many amazing miracles. Email me and I will respond to
everyone Monday]]>
<![CDATA[September 7th]]>Mon, 07 Sep 2015 17:34:56 GMThttp://elderhorne.weebly.com/blog/september-7th1​Well the weather is finally cooling down and I love it. It's kinda nice not coming home with a wet shirt on haha. I'm sure in about a month I will be complaining about the cold but oh well isn't that how life works. I have realized how much more tolerant I have become. I'm sure my family will enjoy that when I get home but today my companion did something stupid that normally I would have freaked out about but I just kind of sat there and didn't say anything then I starting thinking about how he does so many irritating things and my old self would have hit him on the side of the head with a brick but now I just sit there like it doesn't bother me! Because it doesn't! I guess the mission does change you.

Anyway this week we worked super hard! We have spent a lot of time looking threw the area book to find more people to teach and we walked and walked searching for them. We found a couple people but they just told us to pass by another time so there is promise. 

We also had a visit with Antonio and watched the general conference talk by Jeffrey Holland called Safety for the Soul. So good. Probably one of thee best talks ever given. I wanted to cry the spirit was so strong. He just has a lot of doubts. I don't know if he is immune to the spirit or doesn't know how to recognize it or what because we have been over it 1000 times and he still doesn't seem to be getting it but we are giving him time and he is reading now so that's good. He's in 1 Nephi 12 which is super awesome because he is reading a chapter a night and praying about it. So it's only a matter of time and faith until he gets his answer. Which I'm super excited about he was able to come to church this Sunday to which was awesome! The only down side was that our Branch President was 20 mins late to start the meeting which really irritated Antonio but the only thing you can say is that the church is perfect and the members are not haha

I am becoming really good friends with the brother of the less active member Moises. His name is Isreal. Moises left to Barcelona for 2 weeks and we went to go visit Isreal who is 16. He was there with his girlfriend and we had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation and why we have the commandment. He has a reLly hard home life because his older brother Moises takes care of him and his two younger brothers because there parent kind of abandoned them. It's a really sad situation. But he really loved the fact that after this life there is another life. One that is perfect. With no sickness or bad. He told us that that gives him a lot of hope for a better future. He really likes us and we are starting to transition our relationship for being friends to the gospel and it is going really well :) we put some pictures up on there wall of people praying to remind them to pray every night haha.

Reading a lot of really encouraging and inspirational emails has boosted my drive of missionary work so much I'm just so ready to go out and work we really attacked the day and it was awesome. I love just feeling this excitement and drive to just go out and work! I have it now and I hope it doesn't leave anytime soon :) this week was a really good week :) the church is true and if you don't believe me read the Book or Mormon! I promise you it will change your life :)
September 13th
Hello all. This week was an amazing week. Many miracles. I love it so much. We see so many miracles as missionaries and they all come threw exact obedience. We are trying so hard to be exactly obedient so God can send us all the blessings that he has just waiting to give us. And it works. 
We were walking in an area we don't normally go looking for some old investigators and ran into this little Romanian kid who we had contacted his family a while back but could never find the address. We was so excited to see us and said you guys finally came! That felt good. We went to his house and him mom and brother were there and we were able to visit them. They didn't speak Spanish very well but the spirit speaks all languages :) we ran back to our apartment to get a Book of Mormon to leave with them. But none of them could read! I guess in Romania they don't have school and you are just kinda on your own. So sad. But there older son is coming back from a trip in a few days who can read and they said they would love to hear what we have to say when he got there and could translate from Spanish to Romanian for them :) but they loved what they could understand. I love how the gospel is true and the same in ever language. 
Also Tuesday was the day of the virgin here in Puertollano and so they brought out the Virgin Mary statue and marched it around the streets and huge lines of people followed it with candles followed it until midnight and when I say lines of people I mean like 3 or 4 miles long of people (no exaggeration) it's crazy. Then they started the fire work show which wasn't far from our apartment so we were able to hear that perfectly until 3 in the morning So that was fun trying to sleep. Spain is full of holidays. It's crazy.

Elder Smithson had to go to Madrid this week to do his residency and so I had to go be with the Elders in Ciudad Real for the day. But we had an amazing experience on the train. We we sitting and Elder Smithson was reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish to try to learn and I look over and there was this woman behind him leaned all the way over his seat looking over his shoulder reading and I start to laugh a little because he didn't notice because he was to focused on reading and it looked funny but anyway I say hola and she looks at me confused and does some hand motions so I figure she must be deaf. So I act confused and she does it again and she points at us then up at God and I just node my head yes we are from God and my comp doesn't even know what's happening so I take the book out of his hands and give it to her. She sits down next to us opens it to a random page and instantly starts reading. I watch and see she has read about a page and so I pull out my iPad and type are you from Puertollano and she nods yes so I got excited then I say we can bring you your own copy of the book if you want and she nods her head really excitedly. Then another deaf friend comes over and sits next to us. Using the iPad we were able to explain thing about the Book of Mormon and I showed her my nametag and she took it and just starred at it for a while. We gave them and card for the church web sight and the friend pulls out her phone and looks it up and the find where the church was in Puertollano and was looking up a bunch of stuff. I asked them if we could meet up sometime and they told us sadly that they were going to be living in Madrid until December and they couldn't. So we helped them find the church in Madrid by where they are living and they even submitted to talk to the missionaries there right on Mormon.org. So crazy. I had to get of the train early but Elder Smithson said they just sat there reading from the book for the next hour and just loved it. It was such an amazing experience. The spirit really does speak every language even the unspoken ones. Also with all the bad that technology brings into the world it also bring a lot of good too. We were able to communicate with people who couldn't speak and we were able to help them find a church near them and get in contact with the missionaries in there area all in a touch of a button right on the train. But we gave them the book and we probably will never know what ends up happening with them two but without us who knows if they would have ever gotten the opportunity to hear the gospel and that all that matters. It's amazing as a missionary how many life's we touch. You never know who is watching you and what there needs are and that's why we talk to everyone. 

This week we had a great lesson with Antonio. I thought we had lost him but I think we were able to reel him back in. It was amazing really. We had a general conference talk to show him that our district leader suggested us by President Uchtdorf called "Come, Join with Us" so good. We showed him that and the spirit was so strong he shed a tear because the spirit was so strong. We testified of this church and of the priesthood authority that we have and the spirit was great. He told us that he feels that spirit when he talks with us and when he reads but he is looking for something else. I don't know what and he doesn't ether haha but we are making progress and that's what matters. But he did come to church yesterday too so that's awesome. 

Also Isreal came to church!!! He is a literal miracle! I was so happy when I saw him haha. We were able to have an appointment with him the night too and he hasn't smoked or drank in a whole week! Since he committed to stop on Sunday! I was so happy to hear that you have no idea :) he said he went to the store to buy some drinks for his dad and on the way back he wanted to try it so bad but all he could think about was us and he was so close to trying some but he just couldn't haha so great! I love the spirit! And then Saturday night he wanted to smoke so bad and he was grateful that he had to go to bed early so he could get up for church or else he probably would have smoked. He is so proud of it and I am too :) I love that kid so much :) it's so hard for him but he is doing it! He even went to bed early on a Saturday night instead of going out to party! Just so he could get up on time for church! There are no words haha. I love all the miracles. Keep in mind he is a big party kid (but who isn't in Spain)

This week was so great but really it wasn't us it was our Heavenly Father helping us and blessing us. I love being a missionary. It's the greatest job out there. You can see people like Isreal turn there whole life around all because they have felt the spirit of God and they have a craving for it now. It's the best. Anyway I hope you all have a great week! ​]]>